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Swift River Media & Technolgy

Our Services


Web and Graphic Design Services.

Website design and Maintenace- We have maintained as well as redesigned websites for large companies located in the Mt. Washington Valley. Modernizing and frequent updates to your website keep people coming back to view your pages and services. Call us to see how we can give your business a fresh new look and image.

Web Hosting Solutions- We have partnered ourselves with top web hosting companies to offer comparable hosting rates with high redundancy.

Email- Web hosting plans come bundled with email services. Depending on the customers need this can be customized to be simple webmail all the way up to a full blown collaboration suite with shared calendar, contacts and messaging.

Backup Service- Strategic Partnerships have allowed us to offer the most important business service at a great price. Don't go another day without being sure your data is safe and secure.

Graphic Design- Swift River Media and Technology has designed full page advertisements that have run in major US markets such as The Boston Globe. We can also help design and develop smaller campaigns such as local newspaper ads or simple "classy classifieds". We have worked closely with local newspapers such as The Conway Daily Sun and the Mt. Ear to produce high quality graphics. Graphic design also plays a big part in your web image and Swift River Media and Technology can help with that too.

Professional Audio.

Mixing Audio- With over a decade of experience in the audio field we can make your old or new recordings pop with the modern sound heard on top artist recordings. Swift River Media and Technology's sound engineers are fully Pro Tools educated and certified and have trained on the top equipment in the world.

Mastering Audio- Using specialized plug-ins and tools we can give your mix that final touch to make it sparkle and shine above the un-mastered masses.

Sound for Video- Having trained directly with Hollywood soundmen, Swift River Media and Technology has the ability to remotely manage any sound for video need, whether it is components of a big feature film or just adding some spice to your home movies. We have a large sound EFX collection as well as the ability to create custom sound EFX sculpted to your needs. We also have worked in foley, background, ADR and do surround sound mixing.

Jingles- Need a catchy tune to go with your radio or TV advertisement? We can help. The songwriters at Swift River Media and Technology have been doing just that for over a decade. Offering full and partial publishing writes to creative works gives you the opportunity to pick what option works best for you.

On Site Recording- Have a special concert or event you'd like to have a copy of forever? We have portable high quality recording equipment we can set up on site to catch those moments.

Internet Radio/Podcasting- Teaming up with Swift River Media and Technologies web division, we are proud to announce Internet Radio/Podcasting packages. We can teach you everything you need to know to get your own Radio/Podcast up and running and advertised (so people can find you). Then with our own webhost solution serve your own entertainment up to millions.